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Small Groups

Small groups at NBWC are what we call "kitchen environments." Like your home, “The kitchen table is often where life’s most meaningful conversations take place. It is here where people share their experiences, discuss important decisions, and enjoy meals. It’s where people reveal their dreams and disclose their fears. The kitchen table is where close friends begin to feel more like family. Our kitchen tables are our small-group environments. Our small groups have been designed to change people’s minds about their priorities" (Andy Stanley in Creating Community). 

1. You can come to CORE, a series of 7-week classes covering content basic to Christianity (how God changes us, reading the Bible, the creed, the Old Testament, the New Testament, prayer, missional living, and the seven deadly sins). 6:30PM Wednesdays @ NBWC

2. You can choose to join one of our open groups for men or women. These groups are open to anyone and may feel more like Bible studies.
Men's Group, 7:00AM Wednesdays in Lapeer
Men's Group, 7:00PM Thursdays @ NBWC
Women's Group, 6:30PM Wednesdays @ NBWC
Sunday Night Group, 6:00PM Sundays @ NBWC

3. You can attend a short-term class such as FPU or Preparing For College, offered in the fall and spring, respectively. 

4. You can join together with others couples to form a consistent couples group. These groups sign a covenant to meet together for longer periods of time (18 to 36 months). At times, these groups will allow others to join, but only with the consent of each couple. Trust is built through consistent, caring relationship. 

Pastor Josh is your connection to what's happening in small groups.