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CREW Parents

Scroll down the page to find recommended reading for parents of teens and information about volunteering as a youth sponsor on Sunday nights. Or check out Intermission FAQs and Recommended Websites.  

Recommended Reading
A wise person once said, "You are what you read." Click
for a list of seven books that I believe should be on every parent's reading list (because we all have reading lists, right?). Okay, so maybe they're just good books that I think you should read. If you have been impacted by a book specifically for parents of teenagers, tell me and we can add it to the list. 

So you'd like to partner with Intermission as a youth sponsor. Great! What does that mean, exactly? That ultimately means being a person who develops relationships with teens as an adult who can speak the same types of things their parents are speaking at home. Every student needs an adult like this, whether they know it or not. Someone who can listen to what's going on at school, pray with them, and even attend sporting events from time to time. If you'd like to know more specifics, download a 
volunteer covenant. Also download a background check form if you have not filled one out yet. The church will cover the cost to process it. We'd love to see you Wednesday nights!