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Helpful Websites

Below are some of the websites that we encourage you--teen or parent--to visit. From help with choosing a college to learning more about XP3 to human trafficking, this list is here to assist you. 

XP3 Students. This site is all about the strategy and curriculum we use on Sunday nights, called XP3. Watch short clips about the curriculum and even download a sample to see just what we teach. 

Orange Parents. This site is a blog written by Reggie Joiner and others, the writers of Think Orange. It also includes a podcast and ads from the perspective of preschool, elementary, middle school and high school students. As NBWC continues to move toward thinking orange, this site is indispensible for every parent. 

Christianity Today. This site is really one that any Christian should have in their "favorites." Full of articles, book reviews, and just about everything that is happening within It's not necessarily a website for parents of teens, but for anyone. 

Plugged In. A website with movie, music and TV reviews from a Christian perspective. Very helpful before deciding what to what with your family. 

Covenant Eyes. This is an Internet accountability site that offers software for your computer. You receive weekly emails detailing which sites have been visited. 

Wesleyan Colleges and Universities

Christian College Guide. This site allows you to search for Christian colleges based on size, tuition, majors and degrees offered, location, athletics, scholarships available, etc. A great tool as your student enters the last few years of high school. 

Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue is an anti-human trafficking organization based out of North Webster, IN, as well as Australia. Their primary work in the US is to raise awareness of this global sin. Their work overseas is mainly in Cambodia, Thailand, Mozambique and India, rescuing young girls trapped in sex slavery and educating families about the industry.