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Waumba Land

Waumba Land is our Sunday morning environment for kids from newborn through kindergarten. "Waumba" means "Creator" in Swahili and reflects one of the three basic truths that kids learn in Waumba Land. In Waumba Land, kids are taught that God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. These three basic truths come from First Look. First Look is a curriculum designed to partner with parents of preschoolers. 

Children stay in the nursery until around 18 months of age, where from their earliest months they experience the love of God. 

Children ages 18 months through kindergarten begin the morning in age-appropriate small groups where they pray, learn a monthly memory verse, and engage in activities that reinforce the key question and bottom line of the month. After small groups, children gather in a large group environment where they sing and dance with puppets and an elementary school-aged worship team, meet wacky Safari hosts who introduce the theme of the day, interact with Ollie the Ostrich puppet, and then take part in interactive Bible stories told by gifted story tellers. They then return to their small groups for journaling and prayer. Parents can pick their children up from these small group rooms.

For Waumba Land Parents
So you have a child in Waumba Land. What does that mean?

We know that sometimes going into a new environment is scary for young children, especially those transitioning from the nursery. Parents are welcome to stay with their children and experience Waumba Land together for a couple of times. Our small group leaders and hosts will help ease your children into this new environment. Our Waumba Land team is dedicated to making this environment a place where our preschool children feel safe and loved and experience God's love in an amazing way. Another way to make the transition easier is to take home a CD of music that we use each Sunday. CDs are available for sale, and are sometimes given away for free.

The preschool years are an exciting time of newness and wonder. While we do our very best on Sunday mornings to make Waumba Land an exciting and wonder-filled environment, we know that one hour a week isn't enough. That's why we believe that from the very start of a child's life, what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. We want to partner with you. Here's how:

Parents of children in the nursery receive a monthly "Parent Talk" from the First Look curriculum that helps you strengthen your relationship with one another and with God. 

Parents of children in Waumba Land receive monthly and weekly "Small Talks" designed to give an overview of the month's lessons and to help you develop a rhythm at home of talking with your child about God while you're playing, tucking your child in for bed, giving him or her a bath, or just cuddling on the couch. 

Families may receive a CD of Waumba Land worship music simply by asking for one on a Sunday. CDs cost $13.00. 

Need a preview of Waumba Land? Watch this short video, which also includes UpStreet.